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Name: Jinan Chenhe Machine
  Co., Ltd.
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Jinan Chenhe Machine Co., Ltd, locating in the HI-TECH industry development zone of the beautiful spring city Jinan, is specialized in the research and development, production, sales and providing techinal service for the high quality large-scale plastic window(Window machine) and door equipment system. It is one of the most potential enterprises with strong capability in this plastic window(Window machine) and door field. 

From the very beginning of establishment, Chenhe Company operates by strictly following the modernized enterprise management principles. It has established an independent QC center. For its exquisite manufacture and high quality, the company is enjoying high reputation and prestige in both domestic and overseas market. It has already become a worldward famous Chinese brand.

Inheriting the wonderful tradition and innovating continuously, introducing the most advanced technology in the world and sticking to self-research and development, leading the fashions by advanced technology, producing brands by excellent quality, Chenhe Company has synchronized its steps with the world from very beginning of its establishment.

Chenhe Company, facultized with a number of senior engineers, may satisfy the domestic and overseas customers' individual requirements from all levels and positions about plastic windows(Window machine) and doors, also provide all kinds of available technical services. 

Chenhe Company owns modernized standard workshops and capable professional technical workers. With more than 10 years' machine manufacture experience and top grade numerical control processing equipment capability, Chenhe Company is one of the few enterprises of best specialized strength and development potentials. Relying on the advanced sales service idea, Chenhe Company has realized the point-to-point information transaction and communion with customers. High quality professional sales services had guaranteed all kinds of prompt, timely and convenient services. Chenhe Company seriously pledged: Customer service is its first need!

In 2006,Chenhe Company will continue to exert the advantage of traditional resources, promote product quality, implement the brand strategy comprehensively,Window machine, and in return leading the plastic window and door equipment field progressing entirely. 

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Address: East head of Huayuan way in Jinan The 17th (the Scien-tech garden of Xing He)
Tel: +86-531-58775781 Fax: +86-531-58775782